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Millwork and Casework Shop drawings Cover Many of the 16 Divisions of Construction

Cad-Con Design Provides Millwork and Casework Shop Drawings that at times fall under several Different Divisions.
Millwork Die Wall 06400     Architectural Woodwork

Casework Typically falls in Division 12 — Furnishings  In CSI Spec Sections
12300     Manufactured Casework           
12320     Manufactured Wood Casework     Wood - Veneer - Faced Casework
Plastic - Laminate - Faced Casework
12350     Specialty Casework     Bank Casework
Dental Casework
Display Casework
Dormitory Casework
Educational Facility Casework
Hospital Casework
Kitchen Casework
Laboratory Casework
Library Casework
Medical Casework
Nurse Station Casework
Religious Casework
Residential Casework
Study Carrels             

Millwork is typically in Division 06 — Wood and Plastics  CSI Spec Sections
06400     Architectural Woodwork    
06410     Custom Cabinet     Cabinet Hardware
Laminate - Clad Wood Cabinets
Opaque - Finish Wood Cabinets
Transparent - Finish Wood Cabinets
06415     Countertop    
06420     Paneling    
06430     Wood Stairs and Railing     Ornamental Wood Stairs
06440     Wood Ornament     Custom Wood Turnings
Fluted Wood Pilasters
Ornamental Wood Grilles
Wood Balusters
Wood Corbels
Wood Cupolas
Wood Finials
Wood Mantels
Wood Pediment Heads
Wood Posts and Columns
06445     Simulated Wood Ornament    
06450     Standing and Running Trim     Door and Window Wood Casings
Wood Aprons
Wood Base and Shoe Molding
Wood Chair Rail
Wood Cornices
Wood facias and Soffits
Wood Handrails and Guard Rails
WoodStops, Stools and Sills
06455     Simulated Wood Trim    
06460     Wood Frames     Exterior Wood Door Frames and Jambs
Fire-Rated Wood Door Frames
Interior Wood Door Frames and Jambs
Ornamentl Wood Frames
Stick-Built Wood Windows
Wood Veneer Frames
06470     Screens, Blinds and Shutter    

We also do Millwork Shop Drawings for  Division 08 — Doors and Windows
as well as Division 10 Specialties
You Might be asking yourself what are all the Numbers about what is a Spec Section and how does it all apply to My Millwork Shop Drawings. Well Spec Sections are Governing Documents that are Sub sections of the 16 CSI Divisions.
 16 Divisions refers to the 16 divisions of construction, as defined by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)'s MasterFormat. In 2004, MasterFormat was updated and expanded to 50 Divisions. The standard is the most widely used standard for organizing specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U.S. and Canada. It provides a master list of divisions, and section numbers and titles within each division, to follow in organizing information about a facility’s construction requirements and associated activities. Standardizing the presentation of such information improves communication among all parties involved in construction projects.


Before November 2004, MasterFormat was composed of 16 primary divisions: there are now 50 divisions.

    Division 01 — General Requirements
    Division 02 — Site Construction
    Division 03 — Concrete
    Division 04 — Masonry
    Division 05 — Metals
    Division 06 — Wood and Plastics
    Division 07 — Thermal and Moisture Protection
    Division 08 — Doors and Windows
    Division 09 — Finishes
    Division 10 — Specialties
    Division 11 — Equipment
    Division 12 — Furnishings
    Division 13 — Special Construction
    Division 14 — Conveying Systems
    Division 15 — Mechanical
    Division 16 — Electrical

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