Thursday, January 1, 2015

Millwork Shop Drawing Mission Statement

We as AWI and ADDA Members have sworn to provide outstanding customer service and the highest quality drafting deliverables Possible.  Quality and Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We work tirelessly to provide buildable Shop Drawings. Each project is managed by highly qualified project managers and drafted by Millwork industry experienced draftsman with years of experience in the woodworking and casework industry. Our work is a state of the art deliverable, clear and buildable, easy to read and understand, organized, detailed and ready to be used as Shop drawings for manufactures, Architects and designers during the approval process. 

Millwork Shop Drawings of a Reception Desk

In this video you will see the level of detail that is required on an AWI certified Millwork Shop Drawing Project. this Reception desk will have an almost 1500 lb piece of art work hanging off the face of it!  as well as 3/4" terrazzo on the vertical faces as well as counter tops!