Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Architects Outsourcing Drafting Services to India could find them selves subject to disciplinary penalties in Florida.

You will find tons of web sites on Outsourced Autocad Drafting to India, type in the related keywords and you would be amazed to find the overflowing list of firms that would be, more than eager to serve you, but if you are a Florida Architect you Might just want to think twice, read Below and go with a local Drafting Service.

61G1-23.015 Responsible Supervising Control Over Architectural Practice Outside of the Architect’s Office.
An architect may seal and sign any documents, instruments of service, specifications, reports or other work which requires the seal and signature of a registered architect prepared outside of the architect’s office, so long as all of the procedures set forth below are met. This Rule (61G1-23.015, F.A.C.) does not address the procedures required of an architect in sealing and signing work which falls within the definition of “interior design” as that term is defined in Section 481.203(8), F.S.
(1) The architect accepts professional responsibility for all architectural design activities of a project performed outside of the architect’s office throughout design development and the production of all documents and instruments of service. The architect shall prepare and maintain as evidence of the architect’s continuing effort in such work: written calculations, correspondence, time records, check prints, telephone logs, site visit logs or research done for the project and shall provide such evidence to state or local authorities upon their request.
(2) The architect maintains written documentation that the architect has personally supervised the preparation of all documents and instruments of service, reviewed all project data, personally inspected the project site and entered into a written agreement with the persons preparing the documents accepting professional responsibility for such work.
(3) The architect makes certain, if the work which the architect intends to seal and sign has been prepared by another person outside the architect’s office, that whenever such final work is submitted to a client, building owner or building user, the architect is present during such submissions in order to respond to questions from the client, owner or user. The architect shall maintain written minutes of such a submission meeting.
(4) If an architect fails to maintain written documentation of the items set forth in subsections (1)-(3) above, when such are applicable, then the architect shall be considered to be in violation of Section 481.221(4) and (5), F.S., and the architect shall be subject to disciplinary penalties as provided in paragraph 61G1-12.004(2)(c), F.A.C., “Plan Stamping.”
Specific Authority 481.203(16), 481.2055 FS. Law Implemented 481.205(4), 481.221(4), (5), 481.223, 481.225 FS. History–New 11-21-94.

By: Roger A.G. Templeman

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